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Skin Camouflage

In today’s world, confidence is key. However, irregularities in the skin are common – and they can have a drastic effect on one’s ability to feel confident. Vitiligo, skin burns, dark under-eye circles, scars, stretch marks and more can cause pigmentation issues, making individuals with these skin conditions feel self-conscious and embarrassed.

Skin camouflage is a powerfully effective solution to these skin issues and more. As a top dermatology and aesthetic clinic in Dubai, Omnicare provides skin camouflage services to help you reclaim your confidence. Using patented, highly pigmented skin camouflage creams, we effectively mask skin discolouration and scarring so you can experience a smooth, even appearance of your skin.


How does it works

Skin camouflage uses highly pigmented creams to effectively conceal skin discoloration or scarring. Our technicians work with you to find the perfect pigment shade for your skin, ensuring that the result will be seamless and smooth skin coloration – in every lighting and condition. Our skin camouflage solutions are water resistant, so you can enjoy a day out at the pool or by the beach with utmost peace of mind. You will be able to reapply your skin camouflage cream at home on your own when reapplication is needed.

The results of the cream application generally last around 6 days. If earlier removal is needed to assess the skin’s condition, the skin camouflage cream can be removed using a soap substitute. The cream can be reapplied as frequently as needed.

It is important to remember that skin camouflage is only intended to visually mask skin discoloration and scarring. The structure of the skin condition will not be altered. Results provide temporary improvement of the look of your skin.

What conditions are a good match for skin camouflage services?

  • Vitiligo
  • Skin Burns
  • Stretch Marks
  • Birthmarks
  • Under-Eye Dark Circles
  • Scars
  • Depigmentation

Pre-Treatment Care

  • Before your session, prepare skin by gently scrubbing the area and hydrating it with lotion
  • Avoid prolonged direct sun exposure for at least 1 month prior to treatment
  • Do not use tanning spray for at least 1 month before treatment

Post-Treatment Care

  • During sun exposure, use sunblock with at least SPF 30
  • Avoid extreme heat and humidity, including baths, sunbathing, saunas, steam rooms, and pools
  • Avoid moisturising lotions, creams, and shower or bath oils, as these can cause premature removal of the pigmented cream
  • Do not wear tight clothing or accessories on the treatment area; friction can cause removal or transfer of the pigmented cream
  • For hand treatments, wear gloves when when showering for 1 week after application
  • Do not touch the area with dirty hands
  • Do not clean the treated area with any kind of makeup remover for 10 days
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Expected Results

  • Smoother, more even appearance of the skin
  • A perfect match to your natural skin tone
  • No more hiding your discolored skin
  • Improved confidence in your appearance
  • Longer lasting results than using makeup
  • No side effects and no downtime

Frequently Asked Questions

Our skin camouflage solutions are suitable for men, women, and children, with the exception of babies and very young children.

Skin camouflage can be used on any area of the body.

Yes, this treatment is totally safe with no side effects and no downtime.